My Story: A life of a Millennial OFW

Hi! I am Eartha. I’m an Overseas Filipino Worker since 2014. I am a hotelier in Ghana, West Africa. Before Ghana, I worked in Dubai, UAE for over a year.

Having a petite figure, many people get intrigued when I tell them I work abroad. They usually think I’m still a student. They would ask me questions about my occupation and experiences. Here are some of the questions I receive regularly:

  • Why are you working abroad?

My parents advocate for working abroad. My dad is an OFW and we’ve felt a change in our way of living.

They’ve influenced me in thinking that working abroad is the way to achieve success in life.

  • How did you get employment abroad?

I had my practicum at a 5-star hotel in Dubai, where I met great people who eventually assisted me to get a permanent job.

  • Why did you leave Dubai for Ghana? How is it like working in Ghana? Do you miss Dubai?

My dad is actually working in Ghana. He convinced me to join him.

Ghana is a peaceful county, and the people are cool. The weather is also almost the same as the Philippines. Their foods are very spicy for my taste though.

Of course, miss Dubai. Dubai is such a lovely place. I consider it my second home. There are a lot of Filipinos there and most of my friends are there. Dubai has a special place in my heart.

  • Are there a lot of Filipinos in Ghana?

I’ve seen Filipinos in Ghana, though only a few. I was told there is a Filipino community in Accra (Ghana’s capital). They host events every once in a while, but I’ve not attended any.

In my first year in Ghana, I was alone. Eventually, two Filipinos joined me. Now we are three in my company and I’m hoping that there will be more.

  • What’s the difference between working abroad and working in the Philippines?

Compensation wise, depending on your industry, there’s not much difference. One can even say that you can always find a way of getting the same compensation without leaving the Philippines.

But when you work abroad, you only think of yourself and you don’t really have to spend on basic necessities like accommodation, transportation, and food because they’re part of your package.

Majority of the time tho, the basic salary in foreign countries is higher.

The downside of working abroad is that you have to live away from your friends and families. You’ll miss a lot of important events. You will also be prone to discrimination, marginalization, and sometimes abuse.

  • Do you intend staying in abroad for good?

I do not see myself settling in a country apart form the Philippines. The Philippines is my home.

Unless circumstances change like I’m married to a foreigner, then the idea of staying abroad for good may be entertained.

  • Where are you spending your money? How are you managing your finances?

My goal is to have an early retirement, so I invest. I practice delayed gratification and I do not buy trendy items.

Eartha at Aqua Safari Resort

  • Should I also work abroad?

Ask yourself these questions first:

1. What’s my goal?

2. What are my options?

3. Will you be happy with your decision?

Whatever answers you have, prepare yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and start conquering the world.

Here’s what I’ll say about working abroad: it is not a walk in the park. You need determination and courage, because it can be really really difficult . You need to keep yourself motivated. If not, you are sure to fail.

Regardless, wherever you are in this world, if you put your mind and heart in it, you’re sure to achieve success.






  1. It’s good you have family with you where you are! Thanks for sharing your story, EJ. Stay safe in Ghana 🙂


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