Camille, a Dubai based Millennial O.F.W.

Meet Camille. She is working as a Pret A Manger under Emirates Leisure Retail in the United Arab Emirates for 4 1/2 years now.

She’s also a newbie vlogger! You can check out her youtube channel Cams Voloso.

Camille and I have been friends since college. I sent her a message on Facebook and asked her if she could accommodate questions about her experience and she is so kind to respond.

  • OFWs are often called “Bagong Bayani”. Do you consider yourself one?

Well, I can say somehow I’m helping my family and other people while I’m abroad so yes.

  • Why are you working abroad? What pushed you to work abroad?

Because I can earn better there.

  • What do you like about working abroad?

Me being independent and discipline.

  • What don’t you like about working abroad?

It’s very diverse that sometimes it’s too hard to handle. Different nationalities and cultures.

  • What do you miss and don’t miss in the Philippines? 

I don’t miss the traffic, pollution, and people without discipline however here, you worry less. You’re with the people you love, you get to eat all your favorite food😂.

  • Given that all circumstances are the same (you’re getting the same benefits, compensation, etc), would you rather stay and work in the Philippines or abroad?

Yes, I would! (work in the Philippines)

  • How do you feel being a Millennial OFW?

I feel stable and confident

  • What are your tips or advice to other Millennial OFWs or OFW, for that matter?

Please save! Save! Save! Don’t buy too many things that will wear out easily.


  • Would you give us some insights or stories that you think can help readers picture what it’s like working abroad? You may also give tips to new OFWs.

You’ll be working with different nationalities. Have patience! Work hard and show them you’re good enough! Slowly they will see and you’ll get a chance to grow in the company.

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