Three celebrations for my dad’s 60th birthday

Last October 29, my dad celebrated his 60th birthday.

It’s a big  deal to us because now, my dad has a dual citizenship (Filipino citizenship and senior citizenship). My dad is now an official member of the senior citizens. He can now enjoy Senior citizen discounts! Yey! 

My dad had three “birthday celebrations”: one on his own, one in Manila, and one in Accra, Ghana.

My dad celebrated his birthday by praying and lighting a candle before heading to work. 

Meanwhile, in Manila, my mom, sister, brother and cousin’s made “handa”. His “handa” were papaitang kambing, pansit pinoy, lechon kawali, fried chicken, and a cake from Red Ribbon.

On November 1st, my dad and I met in Accra (capital of Ghana) and had dinner at Marriott Accra Hotel’s Red Red restaurant.

I want to surprise my dad so I asked the restaurant staff if they could assist me celebrate his birthday. They were game. The staff sang for him and they gave him a complimentary cake!

My dad was really surprised. He thought that staff was going to sing a Christmas song. He didn’t realize that they singing him a Happy Birthday until they stood in front of our table. He was very happy. I think he even had tearing eyes.

My dad has been working abroad for over 20 years now. He left when my sister was just 1 year old, so we never really had an opportunity to celebrate his birthday together as one family.

His birthday is just another day for him, while my family prepares small “handa” for him in the Philippines.

The only thing that changed was now, my dad and I  can meet to celebrate because we’re working in the same country.

Though this is not really an ideal 60th birthday celebration for most, we’ve managed to make my dad’s day unforgettable. That’s what matters.

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