Beginners guide to a more meaningful and clutter-free gift giving

Christmas is fast approaching! Is your gift ready yet?

It is a common practice to hand over a physical gift this Christmas. The gesture makes the receiver feel appreciated. However, a survey from reveals that about $ 15.2 billion is spent on unwanted Christmas gifts. Gift giving gesture seems to give disappointment instead.

Then what should you give?

Consider this as an invitation to look at gift giving in a different light. Gifts should give joy, not dismay. It is valued, not cluttered.

Here are gift ideas to a more meaningful and clutter-free gift giving:
1. Time

It doesn’t cost a thing, but it’s the most difficult to give. Your presence is the ultimate gift. Nothing can make someone feel more appreciated and loved than spending time with them.

2. Experience

Give someone a gift that they’ll remember for the rest of their life. It doesn’t have to be very grand like a trip to a different country or parasailing. It can be as simple as dinner at a restaurant that  they’ve always to eat, or tickets to their most anticipated movie.

3. Memberships, Subscriptions or Classes 

It can be a gym membership, audiobooks subscription or soap making classes. This kind of gift is highly dependent on your monito’s/ monita’s personality, preference and needs.

4. Consumables

If you really have to give someone a physical present, consider consumables. Give them a bottle of wine, their favorite chocolates, or a box your famous homemade cookies!

5. If you are still not sure what to give, ask

There is nothing wrong in asking a person what they love to receive this Christmas. Keep in mind that an item that is loved is not a clutter.

Being a minimalist, I stir away from physical gifts. I prefer gifts that give meaningful memories, or add value to life.

Going unconventional is difficult. Some may think it is odd. Others may not be satisfied. But if you communicate our intentions, your gift receiver will surely understand.


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