12 habits for 2020

I’ve wanted to write about New Year’s Resolution and how to stick with them, but who am I kidding? New Year’s Resolution does not work for me. Instead, I want to develop the habits I started this 2019.

I was going through tips on how to effectively stick on habits when I saw a YouTube video from Matt D’Avella called 12 Habits for Life.

The concept is simple: 100% commitment on 12 habits for 30 days each.

This experiment appealed to me because it’s not intimidating. Though there’s possibilities of me failing, I should be able to pull one habit per month.

According to a study published by European Journal of Social Psychology in 2009, it takes 18 – 254 days for a person to form a new habit. That’s 66 days on average.

So after much contemplation, these are my 12 habits for 2020

1. No gadget from 9:00pm till 7:00am

2. Take vitamins

3. Exercise (15 minutes minimum)

4. Practice gratitude

5. Journal

6. Read

7. Meditate

8. One photo a day

9. Practice Ukulele

10. Study Spanish

11. Take a walk outside

12. Quit sugar

I will be posting my experience at the end of every month.

I am encouraging everyone to do the same. Together, let’s embark on a self development journey this 2020!

Comment your list down below, or tag me at Instagram: @millennialofw or use the #12habits2020.

Disclaimer: This challenge is created by Matt D’vella. 


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