Vitamins Intake | Habit 2 update

This 2020, I embarked on a self-development journey. I’m committed to developing 12 habits for 30 days each.

For 30 days, I pledged to not miss my vitamins intake. This is how it went.

I’m a forgetful person.

Ask me what I ate for breakfast, I can’t remember. Ask me where my wallet is, I can’t remember. Ask me my password to a newly opened account, you’ve guessed it, I cannot remember.

Every day, I’m to take one tablet of Fish oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex and Multivitamins. For obvious reasons, it’s difficult for be to oblige.

So, for my second habit for 2020 challenge, I’ll make sure that a day won’t pass without me drinking my vitamins.

I wanted to nail this challenge, so I took my time to identify my problems.

Problem 1: I always forget to drink vitamins

Problem 2: If I do remember, I am not certain if I indeed took them.

To address these, I devised a plan:

First, I will make sure that my vitamins are visible. Before, my vitamins were kept in my desk drawer. This time, I’m looking at placing my vitamin bottles on top of my desk where I can easily see.

Then, I’ll fill my pillbox with the tablets every morning as soon as I wake up. This way, I’ll know whether I’ve drank my tablets or not. If the pills are still on the pillbox, that means I haven’t taken vitamins yet. If it’s empty, then I can mark my habit tracker.

The results, unbelievable. I’m shook. It’s incredible how small modifications can yield huge impact. I found a solution on how to not miss my vitamins intake.

Next in habit for 2020 challenge: Can I exercise for 30 days straight?

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