Para sa mga OFW na nababagot: 10 things to do during lockdown

Nakakatakot na sa labas. Nakakabagot na rin sa loob ng bahay. Ano bang mga pwedeng gawin?

Sa mga kagaya ko na OFW na walang relatives or friends that live closeby, nakaka-down talaga. Imagine, in the midst of calamity, you only have yourself. Mahirap na nga noong walang lockdown, kumusta naman ngayon?

You don’t have to feel sorry for me though, because I found ways to keep my sanity intact, and I’m going to share with you. Here are 10 things to do during lockdown:

1. Clean and organize your space

Bawasan na ang ating mga abubot. You can start with your room, then tackle your wardrobe next. After that, you can clean your kitchen cabinets and organize your spice rack. Itapon mo na rin yung mga expired items sa ref. Having a clean and organized space allows you to to have a cleared mind.

Pro tip: Divide your space into sections and declutter one at a time. Nakaka-overwhelmed kasi kapag pinagsabay sabay.

2. Do something creative

Fortunately, tayong mga pilipino, likas na malikhain. Do some DIY project while you are at home. Start learning how to play an instrument, or do some sketches. You can also write stories and publish it.

Malay mo, may magkaroon ng interest sa story mo, gawin nilang movie like Harry Potter or series like Game of Thrones!

3. Read a book or listen to audiobooks

Read the book you’ve always wanted to read. Reading is the best workout for your brain. No wonder the successful people allot time to read. Take Bill Gates for example. He reads 50 books a year.

4. Cook like a Masterchef

Cook pinakbet with passion and plate it na maski is Chef Gordon Ramsey, maiimpress. Showcase your adobo like you’re serving in a 5 star hotel. Go ahead and set the timer na rin for added challenge. Experiment on recipes as well. Baka magkadiscover ka ng winning recipe na pwede mo pang pagkakitaan eventually.

5. Enroll in an online course

Knowledge is power. Tuloy tuloy pa rin ang pag-aaral kahit nakakulong sa room. You have passion for photography, content creation, make-up and fashion?

Search for lessons online. May mga free courses at meron ding may fee but very minimal. Take advantage na matuto.

6. Try yoga

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Many might see yoga as boring because unlike running and lifting weights, mafifeel mo talaga na your heart rate increases. But yoga is actually a balanced practice of physical exercise, breathing control and meditation. It helps you physically, mentally and psychologically. Toned na ang katawan mo, macocorrect yung posture mo, mababawasan pa ang stress and anxiety mo. Bongga.

7. Evaluate your financial health

Sa mag unexpected events like sudden termination due to pandemic, kumusta ang status mo? Nagulantang ka ba ng bonnga or keri lang dahil may buffer ka to cover your expenses for at least a couple of months?

Madami sa mga kagaya natin ang hindi nakakaipon. Saan ba napupunta ang sahod natin? Finances is normally a taboo. Hindi sya pinaguusapan. Pero let’s be practical and objective. It is true that money cannot buy happiness. But keep in mind that having less to sustain your lifestyle can give you anxiety and misery.

8. Create a routine

How easy life could be kung lahat is automatic? Routines can help you with that. Having one helps foster habits that helps you achieve your goals. It frees a lot of time too and simplifies your options.

Curate your morning, evening, sleeping, devotion, workout, skincare and eating routine. Lahat lahat na!

9. Start a journal

Sino yung bibigyan ng assignment ni teacher na magsulat ng journal, itaas ang kamay.

Bakit nga ba tayo pinagsulat ng journal? Turns out na journaling gives you insights about your life. Journaling can help you track yung mga ganap mo sa buhay. Like kung anong mga pinagkakagastusan mo, kung anong activity ang madalas mong gawin, yung mga decisions mo na sablay. Mga ganung bagay. Marerealize mo yung mga bagay na need mong imodify and iimprove.

Journaling doesn’t have to be grand like what you see on YouTube na sobrang ganda. If that works for you, fine. But if it doesn’t, it’s also fine. Your journal is personal to you. It has to suit your preference and needs.

10. Connect with old friends

Check on your friends. Isama mo na rin yung mga relatives na hindi mo na nakakausap. Ngayong may crisis, need natin ng support and comfort ng isa’t isa. Tayo tayo lang din ang magtutulungan.

Sabi nga nila, everything is in the mind. If negative ang isip mo towards this lockdown, negative din ang actions mo resulting to negative product. But if you look at this lockdown na positive, magiging positive din ang approach mo, positive din ang mari-reap mo na result.

Like Mother Earth, let’s take this advantage na iimprove ang ating sarili. Use this time to reinvent yourself. We have to make the most out of this situation.


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