What’s on my Phone – My 10 Essential Apps

I routinely do digital decluttering by going through all documents, photos and apps on all my devices.

As a minimalist, I stir away from clutter and things that does not give me joy.

My phone screenMy phone screen

I as was decluttering, I thought it would be fun to share with you my 10 essential apps. Some of these are paid apps, but they offer free content or trials.

Hope you give these apps a try, as they helped me stay connected, increased my productivity and encouraged creativity! Let’s dive in.

#1: Facebook Messenger

Social Networking

Compatible with Android and iOS

Facebook messenger is still the most effective way for me to communicate with my family and friends. I use this app for an average of 4 hours per day. My parent just recently learned how to use filters, and it just made our conversations funnier.

#2: Blinkist: 15min Book Insight


Works with Android devices, iOS devices and Amazon Alexa

In-app purchases available

I’m a Blinkist subscriber since 2019. I use this app everyday. They outline contents in a concise manner and to the point.

I listen to an average of 2 key book insights per day. I also enjoy listening to Blinkist’s original shows and author-exclusive contents. Recently, they started offering full-length audiobooks with great discounts.

I highly recommend this app. It is worth the money.

#3: Journey – Diary, Journal


Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux

In-App purchases available

I made mention of this app on my 30 days of journaling post.

This app is where I log my daily experiences, my thoughts on those experiences and my dreams.

What I like about this app is that it is passcode and fingerprint protected. I also sync mine to cloud via Google Drive so I won’t lose any memory. It also allows you to track your mood and activities.

You could use Journey App for free, but I have upgraded to premium to unlock device sharing option.

Download Journey app by clicking here.

#4: Headspace

Health and Fitness

Compatible with Android and iOS devices

In-App purchases available

I was looking for a great meditation app and headspace keeps on popping up. I decided to give it a try and I don’t regret it.

The app promotes mindfulness through meditation and movement.

I appreciate the extensive list of guided meditations from managing anxiety, stress, sadness to fostering relaxation and sound sleep.

I meditate every morning right after my devotion routine.

#5: Apple Podcast

Exclusive to Apple

My fondness on podcasts grew not long ago.

I wanted to reduce my screen time because my eyesight started getting blurry. Aside that, I wanted to be informed and be productive at the same time. I remember a friend telling me how cool podcasts are, so I decided to give it a go. Now, I prefer podcasts over YouTube videos!

I particularly enjoy listening to weekly homily, specifically from All Saints Sermons Podcast. I’m also subscribed to global news podcasts, TED daily talks and other business and educational shows.

#6: Elevate – Brain App


Compatible with Android and iOS

In-App purchases available

I’ve downloaded a lot of brain apps before, and Elevate stands out. I find its interface appealing and the games more meaningful.

Elevate’s brain exercises are designed to improve skills on reading, writing, speaking and math. I like that aside from games, there’s a potion for study where one could learn tips and tricks on how to further develop the skill sets stated above.

#7: Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Photo and Video

Compatible with Android and iOS

In-App purchases available

Who would have thought that a free app can be so powerful. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor has excellent photo editing tools.

I’m still getting my feet wet on this app. Here’s one of my edits.

I’ve also created my own presents. I am still experimenting.

 Preset 3

#8 and #9: Nike Training Club and adidas Training by Runtastic

Health and Fitness

Compatible with Android and iOS

In-App purchases available

I use these apps interchangeably. I’ve been using these apps since I challenged myself to working out for 30 days.

These apps offer free workout plans and numerous guided workouts!

I’m currently enrolled to Toned Abs in 6 weeks in adidas Training by Runtastic. Every Sunday, I do guided yoga from Nike Training Club’s Rejuvenate with Yoga collection.

#10: The Bible App – YouVersion


Compatible with Android and iOS

I’ve had this app for ages. I read the “Verses of the Day” as soon as I wake up. The app also offers plans which helps you achieve your spiritual goals. I was enrolled to “Awesome Relationships” by Rick Warren. It is a 10 day program emphasizing on the importance of building awesome relationships.

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