Day with me: Typical work day

My morning starts with me turning my alarm off at 5:00am, but I typically snooze off and officially wake up around 6:30 am. When I’m fully awake, I pray to God and thank Him for giving me another day to live and ask for His guidance. Then, I drink my water, and meditate using Headspace app.

I make my bed right after and open my balcony door. I prepare my tea, have amp snacks and take my vitamins. While my tea is steeping, I do my morning exercise routine.

I set my intentions for the day and write them on my journal. I also review references and notes I quoted previously. As I am doing this, I drink my tea. I also make time to check on my social media accounts, Pinterest and my blog.

Morning journal session

At 7:30am, my second alarm rings to remind me that I need to start preparing for work. It’s my habit to play the Blink of the day on Blinkist App or to podcast as I get dressed.

My last alarm rings at 8:00am which is an indication that it’s time for me to report to work. Before leaving my room, I ensure that I have my mask and face shield on and sanitiser attached to my belt hook.

I go straight to my office and check on the the occupancy, arrivals and departures for the day. I also collect information on the events that transpired the previous day. These are in preparation for the morning briefing.

I reserve my morning for priority tasks, since I am most productive on this time. My mid-afternoon is reserved for meetings and mundane tasks addressed in late afternoon.

Between 11:00am and 3:30pm are my busiest time. Guests arrived and leave during these times and I have to ensure that all the rooms are all set.

Before closing from work, I ensure that my tasks for the day are done and things are already set in place. I also set my task for the next day using Ivy Lee method of productivity.

I usually close at 6:00pm. I meet my friends and have a drink to unwind. Typically, we do not speak of work after closing. This is to draw a line between work and personal time. We spend about 2 hours hanging out. After that, I’ll go straight to my room and freshen myself up.

Hanging out with a friend by the bonfire

Working abroad, especially in a service industry is quite tedious. I find that having a routine helps me ensure that I have work-life balance. I do not compromise my “Restorative” activities, and always try to maximize my “Productivity” hours.

I would take a quick nap, about 30 minutes, then start conceptualizing for my next blog post. I also study and learn the ukulele. Often times, I chat with my family, and do my skin care routine.

I cap off my day by reflecting on what transpired, writing on gratitude log and praying before sleeping.

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