This is what happened when I did the 30 day no complaining challenge

What better way to better yourself in 2021 but with a challenge, right? I stated my 2021 with a 30 day No Complaint Challenge. I honestly thought that I can go pass this challenge easily, as I do not see myself as a complaining person. But I was wrong. It was not what I wasContinue reading “This is what happened when I did the 30 day no complaining challenge”

Claiming success in 2021: Success 333

Shall we? I’d like to call this technique Success 333: 3 goals, 3 habits, 3 months  Here’s how it works: Step 1: Set 3 goals for the year. Yes, only 3 goals for the whole year!  The truth is we do not have enough energy to transform all aspects of our lives at a go.Continue reading “Claiming success in 2021: Success 333”

Unemployed for two months and counting, how is life now?

It has been two months since I arrived in the Philippines and it has been enlightening.  During the first month, I took the advantage of being alone to think things through. I evaluated my choices and weigh in my options. I also processed my emotions and tried to develop my character. Here’s a quick updateContinue reading “Unemployed for two months and counting, how is life now?”

Renewing my Passport During Pandemic (DFA Passport Requirements)

I renewed my passport last October 29 and I thought of sharing  the process with you. Quick links Timeline of my application Passport Renewal Passport New Applications Lost Valid ePassport Lost Expired ePassport Mutilated and/or Damaged Passport Change of name This is the 2nd time I’m renewing my passport. I initially wanted to renew myContinue reading “Renewing my Passport During Pandemic (DFA Passport Requirements)”